For some 50 years now, the saddles and accessories from the SOMMER family-run company have been bringing rider and horse together. A saddle made by SOMMER combines the traditional craft of the saddle maker and modern technology in terms of design and fit. With great love of detail, SOMMER creates high-quality products by hand that feature continuing development, innovations and out-of-the-ordinary designs. To design and manufacture products of high quality is our aim and it is what we attempt to achieve at all times for the well-being of horse and rider.  



SOMMER is a family-run company and is recognised as one of the leading saddle brands worldwide.


The core values on which SOMMER’s success was built include the willingness to innovate, the awareness of our traditions and the unique quality of our work. Because we realise that a team of qualified and dedicated staff is the basis for the long-term success of this family business, staff members are given the freedom they need to develop their skills and talents on both a professional and personal level. And to ensure that our company remains fit for the future, we are always on the lookout for ambitious and motivated staff.

We are currently looking for both male and female individuals interested in the following:

Training to become an equestrian sport saddler (w/m/x)

Saddlery is one of the oldest crafts known to mankind. Then as now, most of the individual steps in the manufacturing process are completed by hand, and with considerable skill and creativity.

The training of young men and women to become saddlers specialising in equestrian sports has been of special importance to us since our company was first founded. Many of our trainees have won regional and national saddlery competitions and are today working successfully in our company or are self-employed.  

If you would like to learn a traditional craft with its many challenges and rewards, then send us your application without delay.


1965 Theo SOMMER founds the company with three employees in Munich.

1966 The development of the patented, thermoplastic saddle tree made of synthetic material causes a revolution. It has found imitators all over the world.

1970 A new production plant is erected in Pirmasens and the company leaves Munich.

1971 A second production plant is erected for accessories and an economically priced range of saddles.

1973 A new dressage saddle is developed in co-operation with Egon v. Neindorff.

1974 Sommer provides the equipment for the Olympic champion Josef Neckermann.

1975 Three people are employed as external sales force.

1976 Sommer is awarded the "Staatspreis" of Germany for outstanding achievements.

1977 A trail ride across the USA that last 6,000 kilometers makes Sommer saddles famous all over the world.

1980 Extension of the company facilities in Pirmasens.

1982 Member of the Bundesverband der Deutschen Sportartikelindustrie (BSI = the German federal sports-equipment trade association)

1985 Efforts to increase the international market share.

1990 Alexander René SOMMER wins the regional and the statewide saddle-craft contest.

1991 SOMMER provides the equipment for the French national team.

1993 A new mix of materials makes SOMMER saddles continuously adjustable.

1994 Alexander René Sommer passes the exam for master craftsmen in the field of saddles in Bavaria.

1995 The founder of the company, Theo Sommer, hands the company over to his son Alexander Renße Sommer.

1995 Development of a specail saddle for trail rides ("Evolution").

1996 "Staatspreis" fo Germany for arts and crafts.

1998 Building a distribution network in the USA.2000 The facilities in Pirmasens are extended.

2001 A new´saddle panel in sandwich construction is develped.

2007 Serial production of the new leisure saddle "Spirit" starts.

2009 Custom-made saddles are added to the product range.

2010 Extension of production and increase in employees.

2011 The newly developed saddle line "Remos" is launched successfully.