Saddlery is a craft that has existed for a long, long time. It is a tradition to which we feel committed. The manufacture of a SOMMER saddle is a demanding task, one that requires dedicated craftsmanship at the highest level. We pride ourselves in the meticulous workmanship and attention to detail of our master craftsmen, who create products that meet the unique requirements and needs of horse and rider. Only with constant reflection and openness are we able to develop the best possible saddle for you and your horse. This is what we aim for at all times!



Genuine craftsmanship – Made in Germany

Ever since the early days, all SOMMER saddles, without exception, have been manufactured in Pirmasens, on the edge of the Palatinate Forest. Around 200 production steps are required to produce a SOMMER saddle – we pride ourselves in the quality of our workmanship and craftsmanship and continue to stand by our promise of quality: then as now, most of the individual steps in the manufacturing process are completed by hand, and with considerable skill and creativity. 

Saddles are manufactured by saddlemakers. Our saddlers are master craftsmen in their field and trained in many disciplines. They learned their trade from the bottom up, or perhaps we should say from the head knife up. Whether the work is done with a punching knife, a head knife – a cutting tool – or with a needle – work of the saddler always requires a high level of skill and experience. To ensure that we will in future be able to guarantee the first-class workmanship and high quality that goes into each SOMMER saddle, we have provided training courses for young, male and female, equestrian saddlers for years – and many of them completed their training with distinction.