The new dressage saddle for absolute freedom of movement. 

PAMAR is short for Professional Anatomic Movement and Rotation and is designed in a way to enable the saddletree to open pro-actively,, thus allowing asolute rotation and forwand/backward movement of the horeses shoulder. The PAMAR System is the new form of freedom of movement in modern saddle manufactoring. 

  • Slight forward cut
  • Velcro knee rolls 
  • semi deep seat and comfort-seat (variety of seat types to choose from)
  • Weight-bearing surface: approx. 1200 cm2
  • Panel length: from 46 cm
  • Weight: ca. 8,4 kg (might be different in other fittings)

All informations are supplied without liability. The saddle image may contain optional equipment wich are not part of standard specification.