We have put together some special terms relating to saddle design and construction to simplify communications between you, your local specialist and ourselves. 




The seat enables the rider maintain his balance in the saddle.


Is the raised back of the saddle behind the seat and differs in terms of height and shape, depending on the shape of the seat and riding style.

Saddle panel

The saddles distribute the weight of the rider on the horse‘s back. The panels must lie evenly along the horse’s back and must be resilient.

Saddle flaps

The saddle flaps are designed to protect the rider’s legs and, in combination with the knee pads / knee rolls, to keep the leg in the correct position.

Knee rolls

Help to keep the riders leg in the correct position and hold the rider more securely in the seat.

Girth strap

The girth straps are used to secure the saddle with a saddle girth.

Gullet plate

The gullet plate is positioned at the pommel and determines the gullet width of the saddle. In the case of a Sommer saddle, the width of the gullet is fully adjustable.


The pommel is positioned at the forward end of the saddle tree and gives it stability.

Little pocket

This is a protective flap covering the safety stirrup bars and provides a gentle transition from seat to the leg.

Knee pad

In combination with the knee rolls, knee pads keep the leg in the correct position.


The skirts are used for fastening the stirrup ends.

Sweat flap

Also known as the lowest saddle flap and serves to protect the horse when the girth is being tightened and is also designed to protect the saddle from the horse‘s sweat.