Each SOMMER saddle is easily adjustable. Tree widht, topline and padding ca. always be adaptet to the current needs of the hores´s back.



Each SOMMER saddle is provided wiht a serial number and so you can identified it any time. The first two numbers of the serial number indicating the date of manufacture, eg a saddle that was produced in 2011, are the first two numbers "11".



SOMMER offers you a broad sales network of certified specialist dealers and saddleries all over Germany and abroad. Please write us an email at or call us, we will be glad to help you.



SOMMER saddles are customized to the horse and the rider. This enables us to satisfy the desires of the rider and to provide him with the best possible product. We will meet any special requests, e.g. colors, logo, etc 

Please note that the REMOS saddles line can NOT be customised to individual requests.



SOMMER products are handcrafted quality products and should be maintained regularly to ensure that you enjoy it as long. Therefore we offer you a range of products that provide the best care for your SOMMER product. 

For the correct care we have created a care-manual. You can find this at download.



Each SOMMER product goes through before leaving our house an accurate quality control on materials and workmanship, as quality is important to us. 


We provide on our saddle following warranty / service:

>> 30 years for the saddletree excluding accident

>> 1 year for possible manufacturing defect of the leather

>> Worldwide service in leading specialist shops


In addition, your local dealer offers more individual meticulously reconstructed. The customer carries the delivery and send out charges for repairs to be carried out under warranty.

If you have a question about our products, please do not hesitate to contact us. Our team will be happy to advise you. The first point of contact for saddle questions is your local specialist. There you can get competent advice and also experience many products directly on the spot. You can find the dealer near you in the dealer overview.



SOMMER saddles are produced in Pirmasens on the edge of the Palatinate Forest. They are high-quality handmade quality products 'Made in Germany'.

Our Remos line is assembled in Europe, controlled and shipped by us.
A high quality at a reasonable price is possible. Made at home.

It is also possible to customize your summer saddle individually. Thus, for most models, e.g. a variety of panels types can also be installed at a later stage - according to the needs of the horse. Talk to your dealer, he will be glad to advise you.



SOMMER saddles are handcrafted high-quality products which also require comprehensive advice from trained and specialised dealers. If you are interested in a SOMMER saddle, you can get comprehensive information on our website in a first step.

In the next step, please contact one of our dealers in your area for advice / fitting on the horse (we would be happy to recommend you a saddler / specialist). The individual requirements of the horse and the rider can be considered. Together with the dealer, you will develop your matching dream saddle.

According to these specifications, we produce your saddle, individually for you and your horse.

Each horse has its own characteristics and needs an individual adaptation, just like you as a rider. For this reason, we offer you almost unlimited possibilities of variation and special options, so that your saddle is a loyal companion for you and your horse for many years.



Leather is a natural product, with natural and different characteristics. No leather is like the other. Many natural features, e.g. Insect bites are not leather defects but show the value and character of the leather we use. They are signs of authenticity. Natural characteristics do not reduce the quality of use of the leather and are not grounds for complaint.