Each saddle must be individually modified to ensure it fits both the rider and the horse. In order to take all particulars into account, an assessment of the horse by a qualified and competent saddler or local specialist is essential. For this reason, we sell our products exclusively via authorised dealers.


Your saddler /authorised dealer will be glad to advise you and is your first contact.


Before leaving our house, each saddle passes through an exact quality control which guarantees a high quality. We give you a long-term guarantee and extensive services on our saddles.


  • 30 years on the saddle tree (except for accidents)
  • 1 year for possible leather production defects
  • Worldwide service in leading specialist stores


Each SOMMER saddle is equipped with an individual seven-digit serial number on the left-hand underlay so your valuable product can be verified – even after years.

A saddle is an investment frequently worth several thousand euros. Organised gangs of criminals discovered saddle theft long ago and saddles are now being reported with increasing frequency. Protect your valuable saddle!

Each Sommer saddle is registered with its own individual code. The saddle can be verified at any time by means of this code. Take care to ensure that you document the purchase of your saddle. Keep the proof of purchase of the saddle in a safe place. “My Sommer Saddlebook” will also provide a place to collect all the important information relating to your saddle. Note down all the key information and details and don’t forget: saddles often have a unique identification feature, e.g. a laser engraving.

Even though all saddles have a serial number, the receivers of stolen saddles try to change the number stamped on the saddle or to conceal it in some way. If this is the case, then identification features are important.

Many stolen saddles these days are offered for sale online via auction platforms. If you or the police should recognise the stolen saddle again, you will be able to identify it as yours by means of the undisputable proof of purchase and have the possibility of getting your valuable product back again.

Here are a number of tips relating to saddle theft:

  • Document all the features of your saddle, complete with photos.
  • Store your saddle in a well secured tack room.
  • You can also store your saddle under lock and key in a saddle cabinet.
  • If you have no access to a tack room or saddle cabinet, we recommend that you keep your saddle at home.
  • Take care to ensure that you use special padlocks that thieves cannot cut through with a pair of bolt cutters or that will take long enough to deter them.
  • Surveillance cameras and light systems offer additional protection.
  • Commercial suppliers or international equestrian federations such as the VFD in Germany or the BEF in the UK provide saddle coding.
  • Insurance companies offer special saddle insurance. Contact your insurance company for details.
  • In the event of theft, alert the police immediately.